The PPPoA connection setup page is displayed. Error Error conditions that generally have less serious consequences than errors in the panic, alert, and critical levels. Sign up for newsletter. For additional information concerning warranty, sales, service, repair, installation, documentation, training, distributor locations, or Paradyne worldwide office locations, use one of the following methods: It keeps track of all these connections and makes sure that the correct information gets to the correct local machine.

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Windows To configure the IP address under Windows If you have not saved your configurations, the router will revert to the previously saved configuration upon restarting. Mdem your ISP has provided their server address you can try to ping that address. To upgrade the firmware: Broadband Forums General Discussion Gallery.

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It provides a quick method of selecting all filter rules for deletion. Estimated on or before Kodem. To make the change permanent, click on Tools at the top of the page and select System Commands.


The RIP protocol regularly broadcasts routing information to other routers on the network. The User Interface for Bridge Filter allows the user to add, edit, and delete, as well as enable the filter rules. To make the change permanent, click on Tools and select System Commands. Select a security type: This will bring up the Modem Setup screen.

Zhone 6218-I2

The default Static connection setup is displayed. If you would like to use a phone in the vicinity of the router, connect it to the PHONE jack of the router using the cord that came with your telephone. Users of the wireless LAN must supply an encryption key, as defined on this screen. If the LED is flickering, it is an indication that the router is training negotiating the connection to its partner modem. Hardware Installation and PC Setup 4. Add to watch list. Most networks support RIP v1.

The SNTP screen appears. If you change the start or end values, make sure the values are still within the same subnet as the router’s IP address. Dec 21, Read more about the condition.


Make sure you have DSL service. Include the number and title of this document in your correspondence.

The domain name is used to in conjunction with the host name to uniquely identify the router. The LAN Configuration screen appears.

Double-click on the Network icon. Input power to this product must be provided by one of the following: Select NAT and Firewall if you want them active for this connection.

Firewall and NAT services must be enabled. This allows a phone to directly connect to mode, router. Using the Web Interface Procedure 1.

Under Advanced, select Web Filters.