No mouse movements, no response to buttons either. The second xmodmap remaps the order of the first three buttons for left-handed use. I tried it, and it worked. Then, you extend the list for as many buttons as shown by the first xmodmap. This can be done at boot by hitting TAB at the lilo boot screen. EDT ft5x06 based Polytouch devices 9. Visit the following links:

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N-Trig touchscreen Driver Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. But these are my 2 cents. DO NOT install the deb file again.

Check this in ljnux mouse preferences, if you find just “mouse” touchppad and not “touhpad” and your touchpad is behaving like Neanderthal Man this can be a solution for you: I am running Ubuntu If you leave it in, you should make sure all new users have sensible options set by copying a working.


1. ALPS Touchpad Protocol — The Linux Kernel documentation

Touchpac link is broken. Tested and works in Ubuntu Multiple kernel parameters are separated by a blank space, and the string must be enclosed in double quotes. Intelligent Keyboard ikbd Protocol 5. Just for your consideration in Ubuntu The second xmodmap remaps the order of the first three buttons for left-handed use.

The example above is from a two-button, scroll wheel mouse.

The bits of the first byte will be 1s if some buttons are pressed. Dualpoint device — interleaved packet format 1. Walkera WK transmitter Is this a bug?

BCM Driver bcm 6. It came with Ubuntu pre-installed, but I replaced it with Debian. Unfortunately, it wanted to pull in a huge number of files to resolve dependencies. This all worked fine on hepcat. All times are GMT Inviato dal mio Galaxy Nexus con Tapatalk 4.

Debian User Forums

Elantech Touchpad Driver However, be aware that it is likely your desktop preferences, if you have them, will override your system-wide settings. You’ll have to change any reference of “psmouse-alps-dst No synaptics driver loaded?


If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Two finger scrolling, Fn-F3 and disable-while-typing works. The edge scrolling is a bit inside off the edge of the pad.

Configuring Postfix mail submission to support SSL client certificates. X with the version you downloaded. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. The first two bytes of the response contains the address of the register being read, and the third contains the value of the register.

Bad return status for module build on kernel: X is the number of the old version to remove from dkms.