Apparently, the ASUS video capture utility doesn’t work properly if you’re running Windows on a machine with an Abit BP6 dual-Celeron motherboard, but I had no such system on which to test it. The seven pin combination video input works in the same way as similar combination output connectors on other cards. The V Deluxe will work fine with reference drivers, but some or all of its fancy extras will be lying fallow. Under the cooler we have discovered GeForce2 Pro chip itself:. The videocards of this class provide quality images for the majority. PCB has slots for a daughter card with TV-out. And it means that 64 MBytes memory size can suit already to some games.

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Some GeForce2 boards have extra video outputs, some have video input, some have further fancy options. Full frame rate DVD to i resolution.

There’s a capture driver for WinNT and included as well.

Give Dan some money! Contrary to popular belief ASUS is not a novice in the v77700 card market, but they are veterans. In normal operation, though, the V Deluxe is pleasingly quirk-free, and its video in and out work perfectly well.

Whatever way you get your video, you can hack it around in Ulead VideoStudio v4. It’s easy to twiddle settings while playing a game, and it’s got a fighting chance of working with most OpenGL and Direct3D games. They’re all AGP cards and asys of the 4X maximum AGP speed mode, too, though the real performance difference this gives over 2X on current systems is very close to zero, and 2X isn’t much better than 1X either.

Asus V Pro/64MB Manuals

The lower the resolution, the smaller the Ultra’s advantage. There is a quite big difference between mainstream and high-end cards. Which brings us to the back panel connectors. But if you’re into 3D games, and especially if you’ve got a big monitor and can thus use higher than by resolutions without your pixels going fuzzy, it bears repeating that a GeForce2 GTS will give you the serious speed you’re looking for.


Balanced design increases overall system performance. In English, that means it makes it easier to punch up the apparent brightness of the image, without turning all of your blacks grey or burning out everything light-coloured.

ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe GeForce2 GTS graphics card

Are GeForce2 Pro based cards be able to give such opportunity? Now, it’s not like you’re paying a million dollars for this 3D system, and for the money it’s excellent. The Video Security program’s an oddity.

It was a year ago, when one of Quake3 developers said that that game at xx32 at many levels would use 54 MBytes of textures. If you want quality real-time hardware compression of high resolution which, in this case, means by high frame rate video, you still need a dedicated capture card.

Note that game possibilities are very promising for all resolutions, even at xx32 you can play some single player games. What are their strengths? You’re unlikely to choose the standard sound that comes with the program, which is far too quiet and practically incomprehensible. And it’s still not a professional package – don’t be surprised if a frame or three gets dropped every time Windows decides to have a peek at its swap file.

But if you’re looking for a video-in, video-out card with OK video editing software, a good pack-in game, and 3D glasses as a bonus, and the price won’t force you to sell relatives you actually care about into slavery, then the V Deluxe could be the all-singing, all-dancing upgrade board for you.


ASUS V Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

Various graphics cards have some selection of features that can help with the MPEG-2 decoding that DVD playing’s all about, but some of these helper features, like hardware motion compensation, actually slightly degrade the image quality. If you’ve got a big and fast enough hard drive, though, you can always go uncompressed, and throw away more than ten megabytes of disk space per second of video.

You can reduce this effect by turning down the monitor brightness, but you can’t do that too much before darker areas on the screen turn into pools of shadow. They’re often not that different, though. This is not a cut-down, options-greyed-out, Skinflint Edition version of VideoStudio, nor is it nine versions out of date. Send a warning e-mail with photo to the user-defined address.

Well, we’ll check it. If you’re annoyed by the V Deluxe, it’ll probably be by the 3D glasses, which are, as mentioned above, uncomfortable and not as effective as you might think.

But if you want all of the extras at a surprisingly good price, ASUS’ flagship card could be just what you’re after. System memory bus free to perform other functions. The seven pin combination video input works in the same way as similar combination output connectors on other cards.

We managed to overclock the graphics processor up to MHz, and the memory resulting frequency constituted MHz.