Should you need to contact Aviva for any additional information regarding your policy, please use the following link here. For that, insurers say you can keep your discount even if you find yourself claiming. Aviva announce ten-year general insurance agreement with HSBC. How do I change my vehicle? The victims are actually the majority of honest drivers who are subsidising the dishonest ones. So get quotes with and without the cover, with your existing no-claims history, and with two years less. Norwich Union first called the telephone number at his registered home address in Braintree where his mother answered the phone.

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It may be that the data your insurer holds shows that the risk goes up if you have been involved in an accident.

Aviva Car Insurance Question??

Social purpose Responsible business Bright ideas: But while drivers without protection might expect a claim to set the clock back to zero, most insurers only reduce the no-claims namef by two years, unless you have a long no-claims history. Double address Some people are fortunate enough to have two homes. Insurance fraud is certainly not a victimless crime.

Different insurance companies will have different rules around no claim discounts, so make sure you check this before you take out your policy. His girlfriend explained that his insurance is registered at his mother’s house as it works out much cheaper than registering his motor insurance at his Nammed address. Home Home insurance Contents insurance Buildings insurance Heating and boiler cover Renters insurance Landlords insurance View all home products.


When the third party’s insurance company approached his insurer, Norwich Union then needed to contact him to confirm liability.

Aviva windscreen repair or replacement claims with Autoglass® | Autoglass® UK

Safer drivers save Put your driving to the test with Aviva Drive, where safer drivers can make great savings on their car insurance. She gave Norwich Union his actual address and his mobile phone number. Six million UK adults don’t know any of their neighbours by name. However, there are dishonest people that risk invalidating their insurance by giving incorrect information in a bid to get cheaper motor insurance. We don’t know why.

A good way to accurately declare annual mileage would be to consult your MOT certificate which will clearly state how many miles have been driven in the 12 months between MOT checks or to check your car’s service history booklet where mileage is also recorded.

Latest News Videos Research. What I forgot to ask was how it would affect the cost aaviva my cover.

Should you need to contact Aviva for any additional information regarding your policy, please namdd the following link here. Aviva launches low-cost, top-up health insurances to corporate market 11 Jul Simon Warsop, director of motor pricing at Norwich Union, said, “As the largest insurer in the UK we’re at the forefront of the fight against fraud for the benefit of our honest customers.

The policy was void and the third party claimed directly from the son, as he was the owner of the vehicle. Both will affect how much they pay.


Car insurance: is protecting your no-claims bonus a write-off?

Tips for new drivers. Get support Contact us.

After my partner’s little accident, I had asked if the claim would affect my no-claims discount, and was assured that it wouldn’t. With over 31 million customers worldwide, we can help to find you the right healthcare cover for you and your business.

Helping you save money on your car insurance. An insurance claim was made against him and he accepted liability for the accident. Frequently Asked Questions Ask us a question.

My partner was involved in a minor prang about two months ago, resulting in a ncs amount of shouting, an insurance claim for some work to our bumper, and minimal repairs to the other vehicle. Norwich Union data 3 Source: As an Aviva car insurance customer you can be confident in the work we carry out for you. See our cookie policy for more information on cookies and how to manage them. One in five UK adults doesn’t know how to boil an egg 13 Apr But — as I discovered — you shouldn’t expect this protection to mean your premiums will not go up if you have an accident.