I previously owned an FT-3 with the NV stiff shaft. I love this thing. Personally, I thought the design really helped me set up along my target line, and anything that works looks good to me. I hope I made the right decision. Found the Golfbidder site and located a callaway FT5 HT driver which they said was in good condition.

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Better than other drivers including hi-boreXL, titleist d series, nike sumo and Taylor made quad.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review

Do i hit every fairway-no of course not- but i hit most of them and the baduns dont kill fussion anymore. I usually hit a small fade which was pulling 15 yards off my drive. Heres my review of the club. I tried it a second time with a shaft better suited to me, and I absolutely loved it after playing one round with it. One way of knowing which shaft is more stiff is to take both clubs and simply to push each club against your one foot, or a piece of stationary furniture.

Came in excellent condition and it has worked really well – so far I have replaced the same driver so it feels allot newer and so far so good. I hit the second on the heel and the ball leaked a bit to the right.

The square shape makes a great handle to hold the club while I work the shaft in and out of my pooper. Got my FT5 13 degree regular lub today and rushed to the club to use it. I would recommend this club to anyone who needs a little forgiveness off the tee and the draw edition will do wonders. I was playing an older I previously owned an FT-3 with the NV stiff shaft.


Callaway Fusion Ft-5 10 Degree Driver Graphite Stiff Flex Good Golf | eBay

I first had an ft5 13 ht some 7 years ago and hit it just fine-cant to this day understand why i sold it? Surely this cannot last: Your review title You must enter a title. In regards to my earlier post This club has made all the difference to my game.

A bargain at Golfbidder price! The FT-5 is feeding me some crow…but it tastes good!!! The FT-5 Tour model comes with the Fujikura E, a low-torque gram shaft available in regular, stiff and x-stiff, while the FT-i Tour model comes with the Speeder in regular, stiff and x-stiff. The face area is also larger, which contributes to the more substantial appearance.

If I was in the market for a new driver and had resisted earlier Fusion caallaway, the FT-5 would be the one to make me change my mind. I shot a 41 for 9 holes with the FTi as I hit 6 of 9 fairways and had good fairway shots to the green. I weakened my grip a bit and began to replicate some decent drives. It may be psychological…but it ftt5 as if my control now is even better.

I switched to the FT-5 neutral face with a stiff shaft. Once I got the tee height fixed I found my hits were center high and it felt like butter and flew off the face. The face of the FT-i is deep, but not as wide as the FT I know the course so well and where my tee balls land, I expect much more distance without the right bend and the fact that I can swing faster without worry.


Callaway Fusion FT-5 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The black Fujikura shaft and understated rubber grip add to the non-flashy look. Traditionalists will likely not be enthused.

I was losing confidence callasay the tee, FT-5 feels really good-great flight of any part of the face-reinstilled my confidence of the tee. The guy I play with looked at it and laughed.

I wonder if it was a last-minute idea, and the headcovers and grips were already designed and ordered.

The design idea is to use lightweight materials in the face and body to allow for plus grams of weight to be positioned around the perimeter for a more stable clubhead at impact. Golfbidder delivered this club within 48 hours, it was exactly as described, and they had previously been very helpful on the fft5 advising about the correct shaft.